Fifth Province Productions is a Community Interest Company - a non-profit organisation - working to provide benefit to new audiences for the arts.  We produce work that's engaging and inspiring but also of value and insight, and make it available to people who might not otherwise have access to live performances of high calibre.

We develop and present theatre that adds to people's experience of themselves and their culture. Our work offers audiences of any background an opportunity to experience high quality work of Irish origin.

**  Yeats by Lightning  - original work celebrating the life, work and creativity of W B Yeats via the classical partnership of bard and Celtic harp.  Brought to a capacity audience of poetry-theatre lovers at Wimbledon BookFest, marking National Poetry Day.  **

** Journey to the Fifth Province  - our signature production first toured the UK in 2012 with support from Arts Council England, has since visited more than 30 venues and has played in the presence of Irish Ambassador, Daniel Mulhall.  Most recently:  a celebration performance at  The Hawth, Crawley with harpist Harriet Earis.  Read more  **


We gratefully acknowledge support from The Ireland Fund of Great Britain for activities that have brought theatre to communities across the UK, including vulnerable groups amongst the UK Irish.

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We gratefully acknowledge the generous sponsorship of J. Murphy & Sons Ltd for our lead project in 2014 which brought theatre to communities across the UK.