We've been exploring for some weeks the possibility of bringing into the team a second musician, and weighing up the creative and practical benefits that come with having on board another exceptionally talented performer.  Sharing out the commitment to tour dates - and to the travelling involved - seemed the right-thinking way to go for reasons of health, wellbeing, sustainability and cost, to say nothing of the sense that we were about to double our rich supply of musical skills and insights. 

As Musical Director, Harriet has devised a score which serves the production superbly well.  None of us however has ever held it to be prescriptive, and that has left a great deal of space and opportunity for our new musician to make a rapid and significant contribution to the show's development.

A very warm welcome therefore to Celtic harper Stephanie West, who approached our preliminary meeting, and today's rigorous rehearsal, with good humour, creative flair and professional focus in equal measure.