Yes, shortly before the show, a power failure plunged part of Southsea into darkness along with half of the hall at Portsmouth Irish Club!  Only half, mind you, so we were only half worried and decided to use the half hour of half light to have a snack. Charlie, the Club’s Steward, went into action on our behalf and thankfully all was back up and fully lit by scheduled start time.

A fantastic response from the Club members and officers who attended – the show was breaking new ground for them and, not surprisingly, the prospect had given them a few anxious moments. So rewarding then, to hear reports that people had really enjoyed it. Conversation lasted long after the show, with members of the audience offering help to dismantle the set, pack away lamps, and entering into deep discussion of our production design.

We picked up clear messages about a town in recession, about high unemployment and limited incomes. Seems the power of ‘Journey to the Fifth Province’ had reached the right place!

‘Beautiful, thought provoking. I want to study those poets now. It really awoke something deep inside me.’   R Callan